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इस सीजन में Unilead का eBrickkiln Software ही क्यो ?

भट्ठे के कारोबार में जलाई के टाइम धियान देने जोग बाते

भट्ठे के कारोबार में जलाई के टाइम धियान देने जोग बाते

भट्ठे के काम में भराई वक्त ध्यान पूर्वक बातें

भट्ठे के काम में निकासी वक्त ध्यान पूर्वक बातें

पत्थेरों मे ध्यान देने योग्य बातें

eBrickkiln is the best Bhatta management software in India. It is window-based software that provides a single solution to Bhatta owners to manage their daily tasks. eBrickkiln is developed by efficient Unilead developers with the help of Bhatta industry experts and Bhatta owner's recommendation all over India.eBrickkiln covers all basic needs that Bhatta owners want to digitize their business and gain more profit and grow their business.

We believe in client satisfaction and results speak for us that's why over 1000 plus Bhatta owners happily use eBrickkiln. We provide 24/7 customer support with a mobile app.

Get eBrickkiln for your After watching video and Bhatta now!!

We don’t mind from wherever you buy software for your brick kiln, but being a responsible company, who is serving brick kiln industry for last 14 years, we consider it our primary responsibility to guide and advise (on how to buy a good software for brick kiln) all brick kiln owners who still are not using computer as their primary record keeping tool or are using computer to maintain record but are not satisfied the way it is answering their queries.

Affordable price

Single software Package will manage your whole business in affordable price.

Easy operation

Layman can easily understand and operate the software only if he/she has basic knowledge of computer.

Profit ratio increase

Software track each and every thing related to business.

Remove the dependency

When Day to Day activity entered in software then no need to worry regarding the employee stability in business.

System Compatibility

All products of uSofts are compatible on all window operating system on all resolution.

Common Question Answers

How is different from other accounting software?

uSoft serving brick kiln industry from last 15 years. uSofts Team member has same business so can easily understand the client requirement and problems and provide them solution accordingly. This software developed under guidance of brick kiln owners, CA accountant and other concern so nothing is missing in eBrckkiln. eBrickkiln is not only accounting software its a complete management software of brick kiln, fly ash and block and tile industry software.

Is their any Package or Version upgradtion possibility without losing my Previous Data?

Don't worry Any time version or package can upgrade without losing the original data because uSofts has their own tool for upgradtion.

Is eBrickkiln software usefull for me?

110% eBrickiln Software will useful for your business its our commitment only you have punch the data as your daily routine mostly every business maintain this in books or in excel sheet or in other software. Our support team will help you if you face any problem.

If any Question related to Price then?

As much as i know brick kiln owner considered 5-10 percentage variation in their business profit. If they use eBrickiln then variation will decrease defiantly.