eBrickkiln Mobile APP

After 15-year effort by Unilead team and all Brick kiln owners, CA, Accountant and other concerns from all states of India and other countries, Unilead Launched eBrickkiln Mobile APP which is now basics need of all brick kiln owner.


Why eBrickkiln Mob APP?

  • This is a Business-Oriented Mob app which get data from our Software so no need to enter data in mob APP to get the information related to business.
  • A Businessman can gets the detail of daily parcha with complete detail of Opening balance of cash , Detail of cash sale , Detail of credit sale , total receipt and total payment and closing balance of a particular day.
  • Also, Get the detail of production like Sand/ total mitti if carried ,Pather or daily , jalayee, nikashi ,sale, kachibharyee, kacha stock and finish stock. Because of the busy schedule of brick kiln owner, they can get every information from Mob APP Globally
  • All brick kiln Owners can use this app either they are using our software or not.
  • Can Track or locate the labor if someone mark as defaulter individuallythroughout country.
  • Can get the information regarding new technology from time to time for brick kiln business.
  • Can control on Leakage in the absence of brick kiln owner at kiln.
  • Super Admin can send the information via NEWS Update to all associations in countries, state and district Members, as they are authorized. So Instant information to all members.
  • Manage Multiple Kiln/Bhatta in Single APP
  • eBrickkiln also provides the business directory to easily get the business related accessary Like Best Coal supplier, Latest machineries and other accessories in Country or local to them.
  • In mobile APP Business man can get the Sale order, get online payment from client, Check the status of order by client or Businessman vice versa.