Benefit of Zig Zag High draft kiln technology for Brick Kiln Businessman

21 October 2017

The high draft firing technology is similar firing technologies with essential variations in brick setting patterns inside the kiln but the kiln basic structure almost remains same. The principle followed by this type of kiln is to prolong the travel path of fire.

Because of high thermal efficiency of High draft kilns provide 15-20% reduction in Specific Energy Consumption (SEC) and mini 75% reduction in SPM emissions as compare to in other kiln firing technology.

1. No Need to hire new and expert staff for high draft firing. Can easily train existing staff to run the kiln smoothly.

2. Can Increase the 1st Class bricks ratio 25 % which generate the more revenue for the brick kiln owner which act as major incentive.  So Overall percentage of 1st class brick increase up 90 to 95 %.

3. Less Pollution because of complete burning of fuel particle as compare to Other technology. The Concentration of SPM emission in zigzag kiln during monitoring ranged from 30 to 260 mg/Nm3 Apart from SPM emission , a Zigzag kiln emits 20% less CO2 emission and 75 % less BC emission as compare to those of FCBTK.

4. Also reduce the fuel wastage Because of ID fan used for Exhaustion of air and minimum 6 Chamber jukayee at a time which completely burn the fuel particle.

5 .All type of Soil which is suitable of bricks production can be fired in this kiln technology.

So by this high draft technology every businessman can get the quality bricks with less consumption of fuel just go through the basic comparison of FCBTK and HDZZ Technology

Example for estimate profits 

Description                                 FCBTK                    HDZZ

Annual Production                        50 Lacs                    50 Lacs        

Coal consumption Per Lacs         16 MT                       12 MT

1st  class                                      60 To 70 %               80 To 95 %

Coal saving total                                                            200MT ( On Total Production )

Extra 1st class Bricks                                                    10 to 15 Lacs

In the Above Chart we save the coal in HDZZ kiln technology and on the other hand increase the 1st class bricks quality percentage and quantity.

Ultimately every business man must use best quality of coal, soil and other burning material for best products.