GST related Good News for Brick Kiln Businessman at Batala meeting

18 August 2017

uSofts Presenting demonstration of eBrickiln (Software For Brickkiln Business) to Gurdaspur Brickkiln Association at Batala (Batala Club ).As we know after GST implementation  businessman has to computerize their business, so USofts’ developed the software for eBrickkiln industry for brickkiln owner and updating this software from  12 years ago .eBrickkiln has all the features which is the requirement for brickkiln Like all accounts work, the GST reporting, stone related work, filling, extraction, sales and purchase modules and many more. This application has been made with the help of the brickkiln owners, CA, and accountants of different states.

Before you buy this business software, here are a few things to know:

1. Is this software made according to the needs of the brickkiln business?
2. Is the accounting report and billing GST compliance?
3. Is this software along with accounting help with rest of the construction works? Like stone, raw filling, extraction details, sale, etc.?
4. Does this software need expert or accountant for data entry work?
5. Can all business owners buy this software?

Other than this, there are several other features in the software which are useful for every brickkiln owner, and you will not find it in any other application.

Visit for demo videos and other details