New year Wishes to Bricklin Owner With Gift

21 December 2017

          As we know every successful business has systematic approach to run the business. Every business man wants everything on figure tips related to their business and they are doing easily only because they maintained system to run their business but Brickkiln or Bricklin or Bhatta business man has no such system which help to get all information like what the exact out come from business and what they should do for betterment of the business.

           If you want high potential Brickkiln or Bricklin or Bhatta business, you need to create systems on which the whole work will depend Process wise. Your brickkiln business require system, and this system requires subsystems to operate normally.

           Aa a brickkiln owner it’s your responsibilities is to manage the business systematically if you want to grow. On the other hand, managing in simplest words can be presented as systematizing of all business activities that must be accomplished to ensure that your organization will deliver the value to the customers.

              uSofts can help you if you really want your business should run in systematic way. After 12-year experience we are providing our service in brickkiln industries with the name of our eBrickkiln Product which help brickkiln businessman to automate 99% reporting as per requirement.

              If you are doing manually each and every thing than usofts has some predesign document which help to get the detail information from different -2 process like Mitti Transactiona , Pather , Kachi Bharyee , Jalayee , Nekashi , Sale and Stocks and more also has some preformatted agreements which is require different -2 process.

              Those Owner whose are new in Brickkiln / Bricklin / Bhatta business uSofts provide them some important Tips to run the business under self-control.

Why eBrickkiln Different from other Software (Because Its designed and developed as per brickkiln Business Requirement and flow so anyone can easily operate after 3-4-hour training)

Download Format

·       Parcha (Daily Transaction detail at Bhatta)

·       Staff Attendance

·       Coal consumption

·       Stock of Main Item at Kiln

·       Daily Nikasi Item wise or Line Wise Detail

·       Leave Approval

·       Rashan Required 

·       Mitti /Sand Transaction Detail

Agents / Thekedar Agreement

·       Pather Jamadar

·       Kachi Bharai

·       Nikasi

·       Daily Jalayee

·       Purchase of Sand / Mitti

·       Mitti full and final Hisaab

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