eBrickkiln ERP

As we know brickkiln industries running with crores of investment like other big established industries but the owner of the brickkiln business does not get the full use of the technology while managing their business. So, it’s time to update the working style of business and follow technology.

Our Personal Experience and deep study of the brick kiln industry in all states of India for 16 years like it's working and the difficulties faced by brick kiln owners while managing their daily work like Mitti Transaction, Pather, Kachi Bharyee, Jalayee, Ninkasi, Stock Management, Sale, Purchase, Accounting, GST and eWay billing.

Our Clients say eBrickkiln is the best brick kiln management software with a mobile app in India. It's developed by the efficient and experienced team of Unilead, CA, accountants, and brick kiln owners. It manages all processes of brickkiln Business day by day and owners can see every report with a single click on mobile without wasting their precious time.

"1000 Plus Happy & satisfied Clients all over India"

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We understand the value of time and money for the businessman. ebrickkiln is Bhatta management software that digitalizes every process and saves your time to manage the business which helps to find loop pole and wrong calculation in manual work that saves money. So that you can always be one step ahead of others !!

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Why eBrickkiln Mob APP?

  • This is a Business-Oriented Mob app which gets data from our Software so no need to enter data in mob APP to get the information related to business.
  • Because of the busy schedule of brick kiln owners, they can get every information through Mob APP Globally.
  • All brick kiln Owner can use this app either they are using our software or not and Can know the status of labor if someone mark as defaulter throughout the country.
  • Can get the information regarding new technology from time to time for brick kiln business and control on Leakage.
  • Super Admin can send the information via NEWS Update to all associations in country, state and district Members, as they are authorized. So Instant information to all members and Many More...

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From a start-up business to large business. Increase productivity and decrease operating costs.

eBrickkiln Advantage

eBrickkiln Solution is unique electronic way to have the every minor detail of the business on tips. eBrickkiln Solution is the outcome of the year's hard-work of a team of specialized software engineers.

Easy to access

Its quick access features can save your time. As in eBrickkiln we have given many important and frequent shortcuts on the main screen.

Secure and Reliable

You can trust it to store your data. It satisfies all modern security standards.

Dual steps security

On company selection, there is again a security check so that no unauthorized person can access data without your permission.

User Management

Admin can provide the right to user as per their job profile.

In depth reporting

There is a wide range of reports which helps to analyze the data. Data can be filtered with various options to facilitate analysis.

Effective Training

Training will be provided by business expert via online as per their business flow

Data security

Backup and Restore utility make sure that your data is always backed up and can be restored any time from any backup.


If any requirement provided by new client will consider on priority basis and after deep analysis will update the same  in new version.

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